About Us

SL Insights is a survey consultation company for the end to end process of research projects. From design consultation, implementation and analysis with a truly tailored approach.

We specialise in creating sales and marketing assessments to determine the route cause of your problems. We have a vast range of data collection tools that allow us to receive results real-time, shown in personalised designed visualisations of your results.

Your employees or customers have the freedom to provide valuable insights anywhere, anytime by using email, SMS, web, mobile and iPad APPS to collect data.

By tailoring the solution to you we aren’t just like everyone else, we don’t provide a one-size-fits all, we know that every business is different, every product is different, and we use this powerful diversity.

The help we can offer ranges from a fully managed service to simply setting up your own assessment questions within the survey platform, or even just reviewing what you have created to ensure the data you receive will be robust.

Already have a Qualtrics license? Our experts can ensure you are making the most of utilising it in the best possible way.

For further information please contact us now where a member of our team can support you with the next steps.