We design, implement and analyse research to help you gain the greatest insight into your company’s performance to drive Business excellence.

Survey consultation that is tailored to your project



About Us

S L Insights is an innovative market research company with the aim of providing insight collection for businesses that go beyond traditional metrics. We empower businesses to understand the best way to drive their performance.

We will work with you to design and co-create a programme that best fits your business needs, illuminating relevant actionable insights. We have a very flexible and straight forward approach to data collection that is hassle free yet delivers advanced analytics and results.

We specialise in Sales and Marketing research alongside Customer Experience; utilising our Partner Qualtrics as our main platform for a truly tailored approach.




Survey Design

Working together we focus on what you would like to achieve from the survey and what insight you truly require. By working with the end goal in mind, we can create and design a survey that meets your needs to gain the most value. You can either provide your own questions or together we can compile them for you and explore the best survey set-up including logic settings or advanced data. At this point translations can also be included in the project.

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Data Collection

Gathering results is the most exciting and busy part of the journey, and together we help to manage this. Once the design is complete; we will work with you to organise the data collection, which is completely customisable. There are many options in how you can distribute the survey and we can formulate the best way to do so to collect the most robust data.

Utilising the latest in technology we make sure your target audience is best accessed, from using traditional emails to being able to create your own branded survey on an app.

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Reporting & Analytics

Analysing the data you have to ensure great insight is the most important part of the journey, the project outcome is determined by how well this is done.

Reporting is generated from your responses for you in an analytic and graphical report, catering for all levels of detail to suit every person interested in the results. We include high level infographics, presentation of results to stakeholders and in-depth statistical data.

It is simple to use and easy to share, allowing you to focus on the next steps.

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